About Us

LexDukos is a culmination of “Lex” meaning Law or Legal in Latin and the Greek word “Edukos”, which is the origin and source of the English word “Education”. The combination of the Latin and Greek terms in the name is also symbolic of our endeavour in making the proverbial Latin and Greek of the Legal Terminology accessible to all, as we decrypt the myth of Legal knowledge and jargon being beyond the reach of everyone.

Our Logo: Our logo appears as the Letters “L” and “D”, however there is more than what meets the eye. The “L” forms the mathematical proportion symbol, symbolising that we provide education proportional to the market/industry requirements and standards and the “D” is the Greater Than Symbol, which indicates that our students are at a Greater Advantage.

Vision: To “IMPART” industry-standard, high quality, world-class, focussed legal education to Legal and Various Other Professionals in specialised and diverse areas of law “TO SET APART” such Professionals from the rest and to emerge as the Market Leaders in Legal Education.

Our Advisory Board: Comprising of Prominent Advocates from the Industry, our Advisory Board seeks to provide the much need connection to the industry and the relevance of our courses.

Our Courses: We chose topics of utmost relevance to the industry, keeping in mind the current market trends and requirements. Our courses are aimed at helping our students understand the subject better, gain an in-depth perspective on the area of expertise and thereby develop themselves into the holistic professionals that they desire to be. Our courses seek to provide you with the Edge that you need to take your legal or professional career to new heights.

Each course is curated by a team of Experts, with immense experience in the field and extensive academic experience, most of whom being members of the Advisory Board or the Advisory Councils to LexDukos.

Our courses are delivered through highly-engaging, interactive and focussed live online lectures and supported with Courseware available on our site to all students. Video Recordings of Lectures are also made available, in case you desire a recapitulation of the class.

Our courses are partnered and supported by Industry Partners, including Lex Gracias ® a Full-Services Law Firm and LPO.