30 Hours [15 Sessions of 2 hours each.]

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  1. Understanding the social relevance of law and the impact of law on society, Development of Law and Origins of Law. (2) 
  2. Constitutional Provisions and the Media: (4) 
Understanding the Constitution of India and the Preamble. 
  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression. 
  2. Right to Privacy
  3. Right to Information and Informed Opinion. 
  4. Freedom of Trade and Profession. 
  5. Art. 21 and Personal Liberty
  6. Freedom of the Press and Right to Information under the Constitution. 
  1. Contract Law and Media Contracts: (4) 
    1. Principles of Contract Law
    2. Media Contracts and Type of Contracts used in the Media Industry
    3. Specific Contracts for the Media. 
  2. Intellectual Property: (5) 
Understanding Types of Property and Intellectual Property 
  1. Patents 
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Use of IP and licenses/assignment of IP rights. 
  5. Infringement
  6. Bonafide or permissible use
  1. SEBI Advertising Guidelines (overview) (1) 
  2. Consumer Protection Act: Provision relating to Advertising (2) 
  3. Information Technology Act: (1) 
    1. Provisions relating to Social Media 
    2. Provisions relating to offences 
  4. Indian Penal Code: (1) 
    1. Defamation
    2. Indecent Representation of Women and Public Decency (to be read with the Indecent Representation of Women Act) 
    3. Offences against Public Peace and incitement of Violence
    4. Offences hurting Religious Sentiments.
  5. Contempt of Court (2) 
  6. Prasar Bharti Act and Broadcast Act (General Overview) (1)
  7. Censorship (Overview and Discussion) (1)
  8. Laws relating to Regulation of the Press: (3) 
    1. Press Council of India Act
    2. Working Journalists Act. 
    3. Media Trials (discussion based) 
  9. Moot Court (3) 

Ideal For

Media Lawyers, Advocates, Media Professionals, Editors-in -Chief, Channel Heads, Professionals in Media Agencies, Media Students and Law Students.

Resource Person

Floyd Gracias


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