12 Hours (2 Hours/session - twice a week x 3 weeks) Saturdays and Sundays

Start Date

To Be Announced | Tentatively: End May 2022


Saturdays and Sundays


 1: Introduction (0.5) Meaning: Redevelopment means demolishing the Old Structure and replacing the same with New Structure with new Dimensions and Space. 2: Need for Redevelopment or Self-Development. (0.5)  3: Redevelopment and Self-Development (0.5)  4: Voluntary and Compulsory Redevelopment (0.5)    5: Membership of Society vs Ownership of Flat (included in earlier sections)   6: Prerequisites for redevelopment (2)  The Process for redevelopment
  • Structural Audit Report
  • Circulation of Structural Audit Report
  • Special General Body Meeting for Redevelopment
  • Permission for redevelopment
  • Feasibility Report
  • Constitution of Redevelopment Committee
  • Checking all essential documents
  • Tender for redevelopment
  • Opening of Tender
  • Preparation of Comparison Statement of tenders
  • Selection of builder or developer
  • Letter of Intent
  • Redevelopment agreement
  • Arrangements for temporary stays
  • Handing over the property for redevelopment
  • Occupation certificate
  7: Prerequisites of Self- Development: (2) 
  •           Approval of the society members
  •           Selection of PMC
  •           Selection of Architect
  •           Feasibility Report
  •           Document verification
  •           Get approvals from concerned authorities
  •           Arrangements for temporary accommodation
8: Essentials of Contract Law  (2)  9: Contracts in Development of Properties:
  • Contract with PMC
  • Contract with architect
  • Contract with any other party
  • Documents for the loan and mortgage process
  • Sale agreements for flats
10: Resolutions and Reports (1)     11: RERA Provisions (1)      12: Model/Draft Agreements (2)     

Ideal For

Legal Professionals, Junior Lawyers, Law Students, Society Office Bearers/Managing Committee Members, Developers, Builders, Architects, Construction Company Personnel, Society Managers and Accountants, etc.

Resource Person

Floyd Gracias


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